Helios Firearms Training

Helios Training, LLC is a new company geared toward the shooter who is interested in being a responsible citizen and a safe gun owner. As an NRA Instructor, I offer classes for people buying their first gun as well as to more advanced shooters. Our philosophy is focused on SAFETY FIRST – and then we can enjoy the shooting experience. By promoting safe gun handling practices, we can curb the negative connotation gun owners have incurred as a result of the media frenzy that always focuses on the improper use of guns and neglects the millions of us that enjoy exercising our rights in a mature and responsible manner.

I am an avid shooter who has experience in competitive shooting sports as a participant, range officer, and an assistant instructor. With over twenty years of shooting experience and several years working with professional competition shooters, I am someone who enjoys teaching firearms skills to new shooters and helping develop the skills of the more advanced marksmen. As I do not have a military background, nor a background in law enforcement, I do not claim to be a tactical instructor. There are several organizations who fill this niche. Although I have trained with those who have the honor to serve, I do not pretend to have worn the uniform.